You might have seen ads on social media about Wix or Web’s free websites. Sounds good or too good!? What’s the catch??

When you sign up for something Free, and they ask for your billing info, you know that it’s not going to be totally FREE. Even-though the way these Free sites marketing themselves making it sounds really good, look closer and educate yourself before starting with them,…might be just a waste of your time, energy, and even money.

Not your preferred domain:
You are forced to use their domain. The result is something along the lines of (yourname),

Random ads on your website:
There will be ads on your “free” site; these aren’t just ads for or, but they are from whoever happens to be purchasing ad spots (which can appear unprofessional). You cannot control the ads and their content popping up all over your website but choose the only option “Upgrade” and start paying.

One Page Only
Limits the amount of keywords and pages you can rank for, because in the eyes of the search engines it is just one page that utilizes flash to imitate several pages. You get one page to optimize for all of your keywords – which is severely limits your search engine traffic / ranking potential.

This means that you also cannot have:
Unique Title Tags / Meta Descriptions – For the reason above, having only one page to work with means that your virtual pages cannot be optimized for unique title tags and meta descriptions.

Deep Pages Indexed
The search engines only see one page, therefore they only index one page. It is almost ironic that that the xml sitemap is created automatically, because it only contains the one page.

It’s nice to have category, but these are unavailable to their customers:
Google Webmaster Tools – You cannot currently verify your site in Google Webmaster Tools with Wix. Which is a problem because you need your website to show on Google.

Asynchronus Google Analytics – do not use the new asynchronus Google Analytics code.

These are just a few main reasons to avoid, and the likes…