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Posts serve 2 purposes, to go to Blog page and the post’s Featured Image will be on Slider on Home.
Be sure to click on a category “Blog” under All Categories on the right hand side for the image to show on Slider.

Change main blog page to a different page…
Settings > Reading > Post Page > select the page in dropdown > Save changes.
currently it’s set to Static page Front page: HOME | Post Page: Julie’s Blog

IMAGE SLIDER on Home pg: image size 1920x550px
Posts > click on an associated Post with the slider > add/change Feature image bottom right corner
Make sure to have it shows up on the Slider, click on a category “Blog” under All Categories on the right hand side.
To set this is under Appearance > Customize > Activello Options > Slider Options > Choose BLOG on dropdown.

To Remove slider unclick Show slider (Appearance > Customize > Activello Options > Slider Options)

PAGES: Home – About the Artist – Artwork – Contact – Shop – Blog
Dont ever delete: MY ACCOUNT, CART, CHECK OUT or the codes within each page.

WooCommerce: check Orders, add coupons(?), Tax, Shipping
General – is setting to US only.
Products – not Enabled ratings
Tax: currently set to: exclusive of tax

Site-wide store notice message:
General > Store Notice > Enable site-wide store notice text (it blocks the top navigation, so maybe don’t use this option)

Adding new product/painting:
PRODUCTS > Add Product > under Edit Product > required fields:
•Enter Name/title up top (this will be the page link)
•Product Short Description of the painting
•Regular price without $ sign
•Shipping: select on drop down Small/Med/Large
•Product Image – towards the bottom right side
Then hit Update green button to save.

Create Product: Products > Add product >
On the left side…enter Name > Simple Product (dropdown below big description box) > Change Inventory > Shipping >
on the right side…Add Category (edit Categories under WooCommerce > Categories) > Add Product Image > add Product Gallery if there are more images of the same product

Added Social icons: Appearance > Menu > create new menu > Add custom links then Add to Menu > Click Menu Setting: Social Menu
Edited Footer in Extras.php (actual Activello, didn’t work when placed in Child folder)

Coming Soon / Under Maintanence page:
Settings > Coming Soon page


Added this to Function to show Additional Rates:
add_filter( ‘woocommerce_enable_deprecated_additional_flat_rates’, ‘__return_true’ );
Additional Rates (this is the format it should is, pricings can change & date):


GALLERY – Robo Gallery
Adding images to gallery:
Robo Gallery > Gallery List > (click on title if editing exist gallery OR Add Gallery)
> Manage Images light blue button on top right > click Add to Gallery for new image(s) > select image(s) if already uploaded (Upload Files if you need to upload) > click Update Gallery green button bottom right corner.
You may change the painting descriptions while you’re in Edit Gallery or come back and edit them later.
Add Description on the bottom of each photo:
Edit Gallery > Click on 1 image > Add Description (not Caption)

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